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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
9:33 pm
Hey all. I saw Poseidon last weekend, and I enjoyed it ( as much as you can enjoy a ship sinking and people dying ). The actors and actresses all did a good job; I was impressed, especially since I only knew a couple of the actors in it.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that had screencaps from the movie. If you do, drop me a comment and lemme know please? Thanks!
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
8:31 pm

Sooo looking forward to this movie, loved the original so I thought I'd make some icons :)

1.  2. 
3.  4. 

Don't forget to check out the guidelines.
Friday, April 28th, 2006
2:28 am
A triumph! Someone recently posted this link to a review from Rolling Stone over on IMDB.


The review is pretty positive, though my favorite part has little to do with their opinion of the movie. After outlining Kurt Russell's character, they say:
That's a lot of baggage for a character to carry when they could have just outfitted Russell with an eye patch, called him Snake Plissken and titled the film Escape From the North Atlantic.

It sounds like they think the movie will make a good summer action flick (we totally knew that already) and probably what most were expecting to hear the movie will be. Nothing revolutionary, but they say there are some cool visuals and good performances that make it something worth seeing.
Friday, April 21st, 2006
3:11 am
Poseidon game!
Semi-cosmic, nearly phenomenal powers let you toss uppity cruise-sters into the ocean (Ooo..can I get a little drink umbrella?). Hear the tiny screams! Laugh as the itty bitty shark comes by to take care of the survivors!

So maybe it was just me, but I thought this was hilarious.


Because you know you want to. (At least, I wanted to :D)

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, April 14th, 2006
12:43 am

Taadaaa! A dazzling new picture, courtesy, I believe, of emmyrossumfan.com.
Behold, the dashing Russell and the drenched maid beside him.
They look like they're having a rough day.

But, their tragedy is my enjoyable summer eye candy! Sail on Poseidon!
Friday, March 31st, 2006
1:41 am
New Trailer
There is a new trailer out on Apple that has the folks on IMDB nearly wetting themselves, so I say head over and give it a shot.


What do you think- exciting enough for ya?
Friday, March 24th, 2006
12:47 am
First Post- whoohoo!
Starting off the Poseidon-y goodness with some linkage. You're welcome.

First link- the Offical Site (makes sense, yes?), with some really awesome extra features.


**The cool part**
You can access a bunch of publicity journals from this site, done by like 10 or so different major online movie websites, which I though was a kinda cool way to build some early interest. There are pretty set pics, interviews, and I don't even know what else since I didn't look through them all.

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